Téléchargez la dernière version de Mumble pour Mac. Un logiciel de communication, spécialement pour les gamers. Les jeux multijoueurs en. Licence: GNU. Système d'exploitation: Mac. Nécessite Mac: Tiger et version ultérieure. Catégorie: Communication. Langue: Français (1 plus). Particulièrement destiné aux joueurs, Mumble est un programme de communication vocale de haute qualité, doté d'une latence très basse et qui vous permet.

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Mumble also incorporates echo cancellation to reduce echo when using speakers or poor quality sound hardware. Vous pouvez au choix vous connecter à un serveur Mumble spécialisé ou au PC de l'un des joueurs utilisé en serveur Mumble il vous suffit de connaître son adresse IP et d'ouvrir les ports correspondants sur vos pare-feux respectifs. Hosting a Mumble server locally requires downloading Murmur included as an option in the Mumble installer and launching it. The configuration file holds information for the server's name, user authentication, audio quality restrictions, and port. The link plugin provides games with a way to expose the information needed for positional audio themselves by including a small piece of source code provided by the Mumble project. Mumble is just a client and uses a non-standard protocol.

Mac. Langues:En Français; Licence:Gratuit (GPL); Editeur: mumble. Vote: 1 2 3 4 Le codec Opus Interactive Audio Codec est utilisé depuis la version en. Mumble - Télécharger Gratuit. Logiciel de chat à faible latence et grande qualité de voix pour le jeu vidéo - Téléchargement gratuitement. released: 17 Jun - 5 years ago; Mumble released: 20 May - 5 years ago; Mumble released: 11 Feb - 6 years ago; Mumble

Mumble is primarily intended for gamers, and was the first to establish true low latency voice communication over a decade ago, but finds good use in many different environments as well.

Administrators appreciate Mumble for being able to own their and their users data. Some make use of the extensive permission system for complex scenarios for example separating two groups but leaders being able to talk to both. Some love to provide their users with additional functionality with scripts making use of server APIs, or host music bots and the like that connect to the server. Those that have an existing user database often make use of authenticators to allow authenticating with existing account login data.

Debian: Low latency encrypted VoIP client Mumble is a low-latency, high quality voice chat program for gaming.


It features noise suppression, encrypted connections for both voice and instant messaging, automatic gain control and low latency audio with support for multiple audio standards.

Mumble includes an in-game overlay compatible with most open-source and commercial 3D applications. Mumble is just a client and uses a non-standard protocol. You will need a dedicated server to talk to other users. Server functionality is provided by the package "mumble-server".


Mumble uses a client—server architecture which allows users to talk to each other via the same server. It has a very simple administrative interface and features high sound quality and low latency.

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All communication is encrypted to ensure user privacy. Mumble is free and open-source software, is cross-platform, and is released under the terms of the new BSD license. Channel hierarchy A Mumble server called Murmur has a root channel and a hierarchical tree of channels beneath it.

Users can temporarily connect channels to create larger virtual channels.

This is useful during larger events where a small group of users may be chatting in a channel, but are linked to a common channel with other users to hear announcements. It also matches team-based first-person shooter FPS games. Each channel has an associated set of groups and access control lists which control user permissions. The system supports many usage scenarios, at the cost of added configuration complexity.

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Sound quality Mumble uses the low-latency audio codec Opus as of version 1. This and the rest of Mumble's design allow for low-latency communication, meaning a shorter delay between when something is said on one end and when it's heard on the other. Mumble also incorporates echo cancellation to reduce echo when using speakers or poor quality sound hardware.


As of 1. While password authentication for users is supported, since 1. Overlay There is an integrated overlay for use in games. The overlay shows who is talking and what linked channel they are in.

As of version 1. DirectX 11 game support was later added. Positional audio For certain games, Mumble modifies the audio to position other players' voices according to their relative position in the game.

This not only includes giving a sense of direction, but also of distance. To realise this, Mumble sends each player's in-game position to players in the same game with every audio packet. Mumble can gather the information needed to do this in two ways: it either reads the needed information directly out of the memory of the game or the games provide it themselves via the so-called link plugin interface.

The link plugin provides games with a way to expose the information needed for positional audio themselves by including a small piece of source code provided by the Mumble project. Server integration Mumble fits into existing technological and social structures. As such, the server is fully remote controllable over Ice.


User channels as well as virtual server instances can be manipulated. The project provides a number of sample scripts illustrating the abilities of the interface as well as prefabricated scripts offering features like authenticating users using an existing phpBB or Simple Machines Forum database.

Serveur Mumble Legendra, "service" Chat Pour Les Jeux En Ligne.

Cette interface est modifiable à l'aide d'un système de skins écrits en CSS. Mumble utilise le moteur de synthèse vocale SAPI afin d'annoncer certains événements tels que le bannissement d'un utilisateur ou une connexion ou déconnexion du serveur.

Application mobile Le client Mumble peut désormais fonctionner sur des appareils mobiles, tels que les tablettes tactiles et smartphones. Le client officiel a été porté sur iOS, le rendant ainsi compatible avec l'iPhone et l'iPad.

et 01net: Téléchargement gratuit de.

On retrouve également plusieurs clients compatibles Android sur le Play Store de Google. L'utilisation en 3G ou Wi-Fi est possible. Le bitrate qualité sonore peut être réduit lors de l'utilisation sur réseau mobile afin de conserver une fluidité optimale.